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Chau Vinh Heng Jacky

Managing Director/ Chairman


Mr. Chau Vinh Heng, Jacky, age 63, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Sun Securities Limited. Mr. Chau has extensive experience in securities brokerage, corporate financing as well as placing and underwriting services. His role primararily involves making business development and marketing decisions within Kong Kong and Greater China. This includes developing financial plans and furture business prospects. 

Sam Hui

Responsible Officer

Sam Hui is one of the key staff of SSL. His position includes the responsibility of ensuring the normal daily operation and marketing activity within SSL. As well as monitoring the daily trading and online trading system, Sam Hui also monitors our clients account activity and capital statuses. Sam Hui monitors our staff, regaring risk disclosure and implements AML/CFT assessment requirements. He is in charge of contibuting to SSL's improvement regarding policy and procedure makings.

May Ho

Responsible Officer

May Ho is one of the main Reponsible Officers in SSL. She plays a large role in the verification of daily transaction records and reviews and approves of new account applications. May Ho is responsible for strengthening the control of the company's cash as well as our margin clients trading, credit, and margin limits. Amongst other roles, May Ho monitors day to day trading records, as well as the storage of these records. May Ho also monitors the online trading system. 

Dickson Cheung

Responsible Officer

Dickson Cheung plays a large role as a staff at SSL. Dickson Cheung is in charge of ensuring that all marketing and daily operation is at its best. Regarding the risk management and online trading, he ensures that SSL is making the best possible resolutions. As well as formulating strategic buisness plans and developing the sales team, Dickson Chueng reviews and revises SSL's company policies and guidelines. He is responsible for making sure all the control procedures are in line. 

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