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We are a team of highly seasoned executives in the securities industry.

SSL has a team of account executives and in-house employees serving trading accounts. All staff members currently performing regulated activities are properly registered under the SFO as either Licensed Representatives or Responsible Officers. 


All of SSL's account executives are degree holders with years of experience in the securities industry. Along with this, SSL regulary provides updated professional training to its account executives..   




Sun Securities Limited is a financial services company specializing in securities trading.

Sun Securities Limited (SSL) was incorporated in 2010 with a limited liability in Hong Kong with an authorized share capital of HK$ 20,000,000. SSL was first registered with SFC in April 2011. 


SSL is principally engaged in the provision of securities trading, placing and underwriting services. 

Contact Us



852 2922 9122


Head Office

Rm 2104

Far East Consortium Building

121 Des Voeux Road

Central Hong Kong



Our Selected Clients
Key Service Offerings 

Securities Brokerage Business

Placing Services

Underwriting Services

Sub-underwriting Services

Margin Financing

Corporate Financing Business


Notice of Amendment of Stamp Duty of Hong Kong Stock (With effect from 17 November 2023)

Please be noted that the Government has passed the “Revenue (Stamp Duty) Bill 2023” to increase the Stamp Duty of trading Hong Kong Stocks from 0.13% to 0.1% with effect from 17 November, 2023. Below is the summary:


Item:          Stamp Duty                  

Existing Fee:   0.13% (roundup to dollar)               

New Fee:      0.1% (roundup to dollar)

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