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Sun Securities Limited is a Hong Kong based financial securities company.



SSL is principally engaged in the provision of securities trading and placing and underwriting services. Its income mainly comprises of: (i) commission arising from the broking business of securities dealing, which is recognized in a trade date basis; (ii) underwriting, sub-underwriting and placing commissions and the related handling fees, which are recognized when the shares are allotted to the placees. 

Sun Securities Limited (SSL) was incorporated in 2010 with a limited liability in Hong Kong possessing an authorized share capital of HK$ 20,000,000. SSL was first registered with SFC in April 2011.


Competitive Strengths 


  • Management experience and expertise

    SSL is managed by a team of seasoned professionals who formulate corporate strategies, monitor compliance and day-to-day operations, as well as implement plans for business development. The management team comprises mainly of, Responsible Officers, and persons with many years of experience in the securities dealing and financial services industry. With extensive experience and knowledge, the management team of SSL is able to react promptly to changes in market conditions and implement appropriate measures to minimize credit risks.

  • Well established relationship with clients and expanding clientele base

    SSL understands that market reputation and clients trust in our services are key ingredients to success, enabling us to attract new clients from the market and win client referrals from our existing clients. In this regard, SSL places great emphasis on winning customer loyalty by providing clients with tailor-made services. With our continuous effort, SSL has successfully retained clients and attracted new clients, gradually developing a more diversified client base over the years.

  • Solid platform for placing and underwriting business

    SSL's placing and underwriting business can leverage its extensive securities client network, which comprises of institutional investors, and retail cleints. It also maintains a strong relationship with other brokerage firms, which provides opportunities to act as sub-underwriters or sub-placing agents for various new issues and fund-raising excercises in the market. 


  • Capable professional staff

    SSL has a team of account executives and in-house employees serving trading accounts. All of SSL's acccount executives are degree holders with years of experience in the securities industry. SSL regulary provides professional training to its account executives.  



The Future of SSL 


  • Entering into the asset management business

    SSL's goal is to develop asset management capabilities to manage funds, discretionary accounts for private investors, private equity funds, direct investment funds and funds focusing on Pre-IPO investments. We also endeavor to leaverage to offer to thier clients to establish a financial services platform with one-stop services for fund managers who join the platform.

  • Maintaining and enhancing effeciency of the trading platform

    SSL aims to provide customers with more efficient and feature-enhanced trading facilities, equipment, IT related software solutions, all in a reliable, secured, convenient and cost effective manner. SSL continues to improve and upgrade trading facilities in order to cope with changes in trading technologies, and to cater for the increasing use of SSL's platform for securities and future trading.

  • Expanding clientele base & underwriting business opportunity

    SSL endeavors to further enlarge its clientele base, both in Hong Kong, and the Greater China region, as well as to explore further opportunities in the placing and underwriting business. To support our continued expansion, we hope to recruit experienced equity sales personnel from the market, as well as provide professional training to fresh graduates who are ambitious in pursuing their career in the financial market. 

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