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Key Service Offerings

SSL is principally engaged in the provision of underwriting, sub-underwriting and the placement of shares and bonds. 
Securities Brokerage


SSL provides brokerage services to clients for trading in securities listed on the Stock Exchange as well as foreign stocks. According to the information from the Stock Exchange, SSL was classified as a Constituency C Exchange Participant in the years of 2010 thru to 2014.


Clients may place orders to the group for securities trading through telephone calls or the group's internet platform or on-site at its office premises through the BSS. 


SSL has also provided services to clients of Capitial Investment Entrant Scheme of Hong Kong Immigration Deparment since 2013.

Placing and  Underwriting


SSL acts as an underwriter, sub-underwriter, placing agent or a sub-placing agent in IPOs. SSL plays a role in the placing of existing, new shares and/or convertible bonds of companies listed on the Stock Exchange.


SSL has been an underwriter, sub-underwriter and/or as a placing agent for serveral companies in the past few years. See home page for appendix.


Since its establishment, and as confined by the Directors, SSL has been able to obtain relevant licences and participantships; and has not failed or received any objection from the SFC or other relevant competent authorities during renewal of licinses and participantships. All staff members curently performing regulated activities are properly registered under the SFO as either Licensed Representatives or Responsible Officers. 


Margin & Corporate Financing


SSL has entered margin activities to allow clients flexibility by providing funds directly to the margin clients purchasing securities on a margin basis under our license.


Under the SFO, if a company is licensed for Type 1 Regulated Activity (dealing in securities), it does not need to be separately licensed for Type 8 Regulated Activity (securities margin financing) to carry out Type 8 Regulated Activity (securities margin financing) to carry out securities margin financing for its clients.


SSL has participated in corporate financing business for a variety of loan arrangements for corporate clients.



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